Car Removal Hamilton

Car Removal Hamilton: Phone the Broken Car Collection Company on 0800 300 426

Do you or somone you know have an old, broken down or derelict car sitting on your property? Or maybe you just recieved the unfortunate news that your trusty vehicle isn't worth repairing?

If this is the case don't stress your vehilce is still worth money, good money and the Zebra Broken Car Collection Company is here to help you remove it without all the hassle and fuss!

For Car Removal Hamilton Phone 0800 300 426

Why choose Zebra Broken Car Collection Company?

  1. Your quote will be honoured: Whatever price we quote you is the amount of money you’ll receive for cars when our team arrives. Get your quote today.
  2. Pick-ups are free! Other companies may charge this, but when we say that we offer free car removals, we mean it...
  3. All cars, any condition: It really doesn’t matter what condition your car is in when we offer cash for cars. The car doesn’t have to work – or even have wheels!
  4. Smart and professional: Our drivers will arrive in clean, smart uniforms and in a truck that’s also clean, smart and sign-written.
  5. We are local: We have car removal trucks in your area so their is no waiting around, we can arrange your car to be removed at a time convinient to you.
  6. Safety first: Not only are our drivers trained in safe working practices, but they’ll arrive in daylight hours to help keep you safe.
  7. Convenient: You can even have your car removed on a Saturday if that helps your schedule.
  8. A trusted Kiwi business: We’ve been in the business of giving cash for cars since 2001 and are proudly Kiwi-owned and operated.
  9. Vehicles are recycled safely: fluids are removed safely; usable parts are recycled; and what’s left goes into the crusher before the metal is recycled. By using Zebra Broken Car Collection Company for your free car removal in hamilton, you’re helping to protect the NZ environment. Read more about vehicle recycling.

Get top cash for cars! Phone 0800 300 426 for your free quote today.